Sunday, July 20, 2008

this feels good..

When rendered speechless, I smile alot. I did alot of smiling, at him, into space..I am refusing to feel anything other than this blissful, smitten, crazy happy that i am this moment. Replaying songs, the breeze blows my hair a lil different, or so i feel.. when it's easy, it's not hard..if that makes any sense.
Old fashioned new school dude with swagger, saying please and thank you, eyes staying on me, and well,
this little blurb is in no way doing justice to those eight hours crafting a dinner party, or an exquiste event, surprises awaited at every turn or so it seemed...just got better and better and better.
if i were to never see him my bestest said about her husband...
i got it the minute he walked in.