Friday, May 30, 2008

an ode to Mr. Big..

every woman has a Mr.Big...and if lucky, a Mr.Bigger...

Big remembers just how to kiss you.
Bigger remembers the first day he kissed you and where.
Big calls you and leaves you wanting more.
Bigger tells you that having you is enough for forever.
Big is a mystery you love to figure out.
Bigger says tricks are for the ones I'm just not that into.
Big says "my family would love you."
Bigger says I want you to be the mother of my children.
Big makes love to you until the sun comes up.
Bigger holds you close all night because you need it.
Big is your soul.
Bigger is your husband.
Big's attraction is his wanderlust.
Bigger leads you with confidence.
Big says it because of timing.
Bigger says I wasn't expecting you, but I can fix that.
Big makes you dream with your eyes open.
Bigger gives you such a great love, you think it is a dream.
Big can't seem to say I love you
Bigger says I love you seems too small for what you make me feel

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

venting, just a little bit..we've got to do better..

Is it just me, or does it seem like every day someone is picking up a gun, and killing multiple people, because their momma said no, somebody picked on them, because they got laid off, for who knows what else...

I have said it a million watch more tv, parents don't talk to their children, spend more money on buying them the right things but forgetting to instill values, don't listen, don't hear, don't enforce rules because it's easier to prescribe a drug, or hire a nanny...

damn Americans don't read enough, but care about what Lindsey is doing who she's doing, but can't tell you where Croatia is, who the president of Israel is or why we should be scared out of our wits about North Korea...

Everyone wants a quick fix for everything...get surgery instead of working out, take a pill, nip this tuck that..everyone is afraid of aging wtf? so you got once beautiful people looking like a new alien nation...

Men making excuses for not being a father,when there is no excuse. You lay down, their is a deal with it.

Women are whack for in any corner of their brain thinking that bringing a life into the world is a means to hold a man...shame on you.. and to continue your bitterness by doing anything other than holding up that father to that child..makes you weak and cruel.. because every child deserves the right to idolize and adore a parent...let the child be the judge ...not your decision to make..

Everyone is so quick to judge everyone else...worry about yourself, your life and your after life...the world would be so much kinder and more peaceful if everyone did just that.
And if you know better do better damn it.. stop complaining about what went wrong, blah blah.. you are better than you think you are..

Let shit go! live... trust in whatever you believe in that it all will be evened out by a just and righteous God...

When i was 19 I had a disease called Gullian Barre..I was in the intensive care unit at UMASS Worcester and although I didn't know it, I was barely mom told me that while i was talking, it sounded like whispers and it took everything in her to react normally and not cry, because she was so scared..crazy thing was, i felt fine, no pain, thought i was talking like i always did...point is, I was close to death, and had no idea it was right on my shoulder..and that has stayed with me, because I figured I would feel death, but no...

so I try to say live full second by second..even though it's easy to do otherwise..
we've got to do better..we've got to want better.
don't we?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

pretty feet, blonde haired black girls and paul walker

paul walker..yum.
how are you going to make me valet my car, charge $2.50 per 15 minutes then take twenty minutes to get my car and get mad at ME cuz I don't tip your ass?
My fertility is fine fact, don't look at me sideways, I will get pregnant..and if I met that man, and he was younger and wanted a child, if he asked right..lmao...but he better be asking really really really right.:) cuz i got my sights set on a two seater porsche and the cote d' azur in a few.
why is that old ladies will cut you in line at the post office, the supermarket, and act like they can't see or hear you? they don't even try to be slick..they walk in front of you like what?
kids are EXPENSIVE!!.. private school, braces, food, atm machines.
I'm not a hater, but Katie Holmes looks like she went from 26 to 45..she reminds me of one of those well off Central Park West socialites...which is cool, if you are 45!
Obama gets it. if you don't know...
" are the clothes in Ross used?" my daughter..." no, you can get some good stuff in there.." me..."oh...well i don't like how it feels in there.." my daughter
male groupies are still LIVE AND LARGE in
a job is what you put on your tax return.....everything else is...well..
Why is so much of America overweight? really though..
maine, vermont, new hampshire, rhode island, massachusetts, connecticut .....
we call those states above..NEW ENGLAND..which is not ENGLAND...all located north of NY not across the for you left coasters...
i plan events...orchestrate events...i am not a promoter...promoters get people to the party... I CREATE the party..think the baddest event you have attended in la in the last bigger...
Vanity Fair, Polariod Beach House, Hennessey featuring Pharell, InStyle Soiree, Giorgio Armani...i did that. ( excuse me while i dust off my shoulders....but for real, i gets tired of peeps asking me what night and where is the club i do..:)
i am very single, but i know without any doubt who my soul mate is...
...with that said...
get over it already..whatever the hell it is..him, her, your past, your failure, your fear, your success, you you not see your own brilliance?
when i asked god for a please please...i am glad at certain times he ignored me.
we have got to do better with our veterans, inmates, elderly, children...if not...well read " the Road.." maybe it will shock you into action.
the water, coffee, wine diet seems to work just fine for me.
it's alot easier to assume the best in peeps than the worst. people can have blue eyed children...they can have kids with skin white as snow..YES THEY CAN...
CARS DONT IMPRESS WOMEN...THEY IMPRESS GIRLS...but if you are going after a woman..we expect you to have a car, just don't mention it as a positive a CAR!...
311 days left for me to work my way out of this tax bracket where i am getting ROBBED...
so there was this man...that had feet so fine he should be doing dr. scholl all i got for that.
and June is the return of the six pack man...YES!!!! YES WE CAN...
back to tha hustle...

beautiful. Funny? employed? Why are you SINGLE IN LA?

men are SCUURRRED... face it..if your chick is a quarter and you are used to dealing with south of the 10 dimes... and rusty nickels..

even a secure dude wonders...
why me?:
she likes you that's why. Of course men try to get at her..everyday all day..
Didn't you?
Beautiful chicks in Los Angeles, probably have dated an athlete, actor, singer or model or all of the above..( i'm three out of four)
not because she's a hoe..but because of the six month clause.
a beautiful chick's first six months in Hollywood..
is like a NBA draft players first year in the League..
except she doesn't have to spend any money.
Who's that? he says.
Who's that?
he says..

Can I take you to dinner? In Vancouver? Paris?
Really though...
So she picks the most sincere of the hims and
they" date" but it ends...
and now she has dated a Laker
and the single brother with the great job (aka the marriage material man)
and decent life who
sees her a few years later
remembers that feeling he had
sipping on his drink watching her
smile too much..

Most beautiful women are triple threats...
fill in the blank with another useful talent.
Ms Not quite as pretty as the beautiful chick will do

a WHOLE lot more of everything .
making mr So single in LA..see her as
the settle down type.
Can everyone take a page from Hova and B? Brad and Angelina?

"I got the baddest chick in
the game wearing my chain"

I think he's that man that wants more than a housewife.

Most beautiful women in LA want to cook and be your partner, your backbone,your co pilot, cheerleader, cook, fantasy, wife...

but men have to put the rearview mirror an HONEST reality check of themselves..
date more than three times to hear what SHE is
it's really not that complicated.