Monday, August 18, 2008

remembering love

remember i love you
was our hello
the smell of Issey
and your skin
made late to
anywhere real
the kitchen
with the white stone
tiles i still
feel against my
damn you make me
your lips said on their
way to covering mine
so deep
with love
I ache even now
missing grooves and beats
only we
where are your
clenching mine
the air
not like
that door in
room so the air
9 1/2 weeks times
a couple
of years
and more than
couple of
years ago
I can't imagine my life without you
remember this love
you taught

before I shut the
one last

Sunday, August 17, 2008

sunday thoughts

  • intelligence is a huge aphrodisiac..

  • so is good red wine.

  • Michael Phelps aka Aqua man swam an entire race with his eyes closed and still won by almost two seconds...

  • Love Madonna, but still trying to figure out the British accent. Isn't she from Detroit?

  • "Only one person can lead sweetie. And that's me" my grandfather..

  • You can't over hug your kid.

  • " The Four Agreements" is a life changing book.

  • Manny Ramirez will never look right in Dodger blue.

  • You learn so much more when you listen.

  • Big sent me a text last night. However I am trying to listen to Laura's advice. So I erased it.

  • I love LOVE the flower mart.

  • Green Bay Packers are STUPID....I hate the Jets, but this year I will make an exception.

  • A man in love is a sexy thing.

  • So is a man with his kid.

  • I love love lala land..but wish it was a little closer to home.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

getting dumped sucks..even if your dog does hate him....

I was team Jolie..Then. While I didn't carry small vials of my ex's blood, Angelina resonated with me, the wild child, stoic yet uber passionate, never apologizing for figuring it out as she went along. Jen was every girl I knew growing up..pretty, perky and perfect.

But while Angelina walked in to soul mate land with Mr. UnGodly beautiful, Jen joined the cast of Sex and the City,..the LA guys, fast starts, followed by the slamming of the brakes and being thrown headfirst from the relationship..with the canned statement from his publicist..
" we remain great friends"

eeeeeeew. Who does that? Says that? Outside of Hollywierd? Ok, probably a lot of people, just not me or with Shaggy DA aka John Mayer, dumping her can officially be labeled a trader.
and another side note..someone please explain Heidi Montag to me....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trader Joes, John Edwards, being smart in Hollywood..

It's occurred to me that being beautiful while intelligent in Los Angeles could be considered an occupational hazzard. I can only dumb down for so long before I want to grab my pants like Fred Sanford and say " What? What?" And when did moms and wives get so ANGRY??? I mean yeah, once again I will use my favorite phrase to describe John Edwards.." he sucks ass" but for God sakes he didn't kill anyone, he had an affair!!!!!! He's a man. Go figure. Still sucks but can we please move on to bigger topics like how Casey Anthony seems to be the poster child for bringing back street justice. UGH!! And are you serious, China made the sky blue for the opening ceremonies?? While they sweep the poor under the sidewalk..literally.
How about Michael Phelps?? Single mom, great smile, caring swim coach who took just another kid and helped train him into quite possibly the best Olympian of all time. And they say that after school programs dont' matter. Ask Denzel about that...
Men who say there are no good women usually suck ass at being good men. Ditto for the reverse too.
I love Trader Joes! Although could the parking lots be a lil bit bigger? Do the wide aisles at Ralphs equal the 75% mark up?
Loofahs make your skin softer and get more dirt off.
I'm now allergic to my own cat. Damnit.. But I still leave the television on for her during the day..
A mojito sounds heavenly..see ya..