Saturday, February 28, 2009

pancakes still, ranch dressing, carrots and TACO BELL..oh my!

You would think I was feeding a future starting linebacker the way my cravings have gone...first five weeks, I ate bags of spinach,asparagus and broccoli..then i graduated to celery, carrots, turkey and pasta...moving on with great speed to my current fave, pancakes, anything and everything with ranch dressing( i lick the bowl till its gone) scrambled egg whites and toast.....and now to the big boy Taco Bell...for the last five days at work, it's been three tacos with onions and hot sauce...I feel like all i do is eat! I am going to confess...I caved into a half of cup of coffee one day..and I my baby didn't give me a seal of approval, in fact I think he kicked flutter there, a KICK!
In between actual work at work, I am consumed thinking and planning my next meal, silently calculating in my brain if I have given baby boy/girl enough I doing enough of everything..before I get home, peel out of my work clothes and collapse into my fav yoga pants, Red Sox shirt( quickly becoming a half shirt) and fuzzy slippers..
then my daughter and I coo and talk to the baby boy( I am going with that until further notice) before the late hour of 9:30 comes around and my eyes start to get heavy on the couch...
By ten o'clock I feel like I have been working in 100 degree weather in the cotton fields...
Being pregnant can wear you out!:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm having a baby! - no that's not a typo..

due in September..thought about renaming the blog, but too complicated and I like my moniker..I'm eating veggies now, hot dogs, belgian pudding and celery when the mood hits...Gave up coffee, tequila, and red wine cold week that was.:) 40 years old and I am sure that God always has a sense of humor with my life...not a planned pregnancy but I am thrilled...and the baby xray( as my dad calls him) is cooperating morning sickness, just a superhuman nose..I can smell everything anyone has eaten in the last day, as well as bo around the corner...not the best super sense to have, but it beats barfing...I've joined every baby club on the net, but most of those women scare me, have me obsessing over things I would prefer not to obsess about.. although it's fun to see that there are over three hundred women in my due Septemeber 15th birth club..not so fun to think I'll qualify for the early bird specials when my baby xray is graduating from high firstborn thinks this is awesome and is being the best big sister already...but she was born essentially nothing less was expected....

gotta go now and eat this healthy breakfast I guess..headed to the doctor to see the little baby heartbeat...swoon...I am officially in love with my baby.