Tuesday, July 28, 2009

leg cramps and buckets of tears, and baby brothers

It was a wonderful day yesterday, all the way until, the switch turned and out went happy and in began waterfall number one of the week..reason not important or sensical. That lasted for about two hours until my explanation of why I was crying caused even me to laugh..

welcome to the home stretch. where logic has left the building.

I think back to every woman I know mother to more than one child and I want to personally call her and tell her...

she's insane or my hero.

back to the early am leg cramps...such fun...if going to the bathroom three or four times a night isn't enough, or the 2 am kickboxing class my son teaches...after all,

sleep is for sissies..and I am a mom..

and will there be a day when sleep finally returns..when my son is a toddler.. ?


he has chubby cheeks like his daddy and my chin. and he grins alot ...thanks ultrasound..

his big sister is ready and dying with anticipation and i remember a similar feeling when my baby brother popped into the world, 11 years after me.

and I will walk, clean, eat, bathe, laugh, talk to my friends AND


just maybe not all in the same year.
btw..that's my little brother on my lap..he's 6'4 now.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

sunday morning freakout..

with my daughter, breastfeeding was anything but effortless. Frantic calls to my mom, the La Leche league and tearful pleas to my daughter ..made birth seem like cake in comparison. Now with less than eight weeks to go, I wake up on Sundays, with a fresh list of items to fret over., not made easier or shorter by tips, ideas and must haves from anyone and everyone that has ever birthed a child.

I remind myself that the most important components come included in the baby pack...baby..and love...and that most of the rest is extra stuff sent from a far a way planet to worry me...speaking of worry,

my belly is so big now I have two regions to my body...ab(above belly) and bb( below belly).
the bb region is now gone from my eyesight until further notice..i.e after my baby boy pops out.

my tattoos continue to stretch and stretch....but still thanks to the genetic God..still no stretch marks.

I'm back to reading to my baby, talking to myself ALOT more and constantly wrapping my head around being a mom of TWO kids.

why is it that i notice the most minute of dust particles but can step over an entire laundry room of laundry?

I require a good push to effectively get up from a seated position on my couch. And I haven't cried in the last 48 hours...

good way to start the week.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

little gifts my baby boy leaves for his mom..

three pimples, wider feet and inablity to sleep longer than five hour stretches....groovy. I remain a wee wee bit on the grumpy/weepy/estatically happy side. Less than eight weeks to go, and each day hammers in the facts..

there is a baby in my belly and I am the mama.


I read all the pregnancy books, listen with great sarcastic interest the " advice" from celebrity moms....I plan detailed projects..( this week's is to plant flowers in my yard) usually to be derailed by ..my lack of energy..kinda like ordering more than you can eat..although that is an awful analogy right now...

baby boy...

he hates ultrasounds..refuses with great intensity to reveal his entire unobstructed face..rests his head on his hand as if to say.." enough already momma I am busy"..what he does love is music like his daddy and some call them hiccups, I like to think he is giggling.:)

I dream in

belly 3 d...waking up checking to make sure it ( the belly) is still there..then a light nudge or push..so my boy will push back..just to know he is there and fine..


isn't the term I use when I first look in the mirror in the morning..puffy, pregnant, shocked...much better choices...

and so it is..on a Saturday in preggoville.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

add sweat to that list..

of lovely things that good ol pregnancy brings.....now sweat takes cover under my mountains..ala my boobs, my belly, my forehead,.. and all this within seconds after sleep hits..what gives?
did i mention panting like man's best friend while completing simple tasks such as grocery shopping? I've accepted that I'm not getting my sexy back until the leaves change...but do I have to like perspire like a mechanic from Phoenix in the summer?
ok enough griping..
let's see i love..
eggo waffles, ranch dressing, cheese pizza with way too much garlic, potatoes in any form, blueberry everything, spinach, my couch, reading and rereading every book on being pregnant, staring at our ultrasounds..guessing whether that was a foot or a hand, no periods, target, pears, other pregger women, my OB aka my new BFF.
my lack of stretch marks are made up with the cellulite that is accumulating on my butt..

and what's a little cellulite anyway? and Eggo if you're reading..i think i deserve a lifetime supply for all this good press..

Monday, July 13, 2009

it's official.. I waddle

not like a duck, more like an unbalanced penguin...my shoe collection now consists of three pairs of flats, my 3 and 4 inch heels blowing me kisses from the corner of the closet where they are gathering dust...
my Uppababy stroller arrives and I know without a doubt that it's significantly nicer than my first car. when did being preggo get so chic?
I am amazed and appalled by how my body has completely taken over my willpower to do..
anything useful.
wake up..work. eat. go home..eat. plop on couch..eat something else..watch the yoga video..key word watch..collapse in bed with my new boyfriend..aka the snoozer pillow..obsess over everything not done..wonder if there are two or three Eggo waffles left..get perfectly comfortable..only to have to pee...collapse again..sleep for what feels like a minute..bathroom break..fall deeply asleep..wake up..just because
I don't exercise, although i dream of it..sometimes..
and my waist expands the weeks decrease...i spend precious time marveling at the flat stomach that once was..
reaffirming that in it's place is one healthy happy little fella.